The BACKStrings

The musical group "BackStrings" was formed in 2004 by five musicians who shared an enormous passion for music.  The name of the group is derived from the first letter of the name of each strings instrument used by the band's members.  Thus, all these instruments (Bass, Aoud (Lute), Cello, and Kanoun), which constitute the core of the group, are  represented by only one word, BACKStrings. (The name also suggests the “Retro” aspect of the music genre played in some pieces, which are rearranged versions of old melodies.)

As the group evolved, new musicians joined the BACKStrings adding more variety and possibilities for creative compositions. The particularity of the BACKstrings is that it is one of a very few groups in North-America that performs traditional middle-eastern style with new “groovy” arrangements while the original composition is preserved.
Each talented member of the BACKstrings possesses a considerable music background that introduces exciting new and original compositions with special arrangements to the large repertoire of the band.
Read on to find out more about each musician.

Musicians of
Bayati Ana Album
Guests Previous members
Amélie Brodeur Kaveh Grayeli Lamia Yared
Chucri Chemali Rabih Yazbek Bashar Cello
Etienne Miousse   Edmond Saroufim
Joseph Khouri   Elie Hajjar
Mohamed Masmoudi   Firas Haddad
Muchid Al Khalaf   Joe Nachef
Nizar Tabcharani    
Norddine Baba